1. QUIET (outro)


Heard they Talk about me?
Time to get even
My time is coming I change with the seasons
I see the texts and I see the DMs
Ain’t even answer no more, they be leakin’

Beast unleashed, you hearing my demons
Up in my head, every night, they been screaming
Want me to end it, they want me deceased
Jump on the beat, I do it with ease

A bum
Looks it’s that skinny rapper I’ll make fun of
Looks it’s that kid who was homeless and & what?
Used to drugs til his body was numb

Depressed he was broken and ready to die
Every day he looked up to sky
And wondering why
When was his time
That’s when his demons they came outta hiding


I ain’t down to play
No way jose
I’m looking for the finest ass to feed my pain
I’m looking for the baddest bitch, she got a ring
Already got 3 kids, I’m on my way to greatness

Hit a mil, a year, no games
I’m bouta’ hit another mil in 20 days
I’m bouta’ smoke another spliff to ease my ways
I’ve always been addicted to the life of fame

The money I’d make and the lives I would change
It’s funny before I would spend it on chains
Before I would put such a value on jays
Now I need formula
Diapers to change

Got Kids that I feed
Kids that I clothe
& Tho I ain’t get to see one anymore
He knows that I love him and when he is 10
He’ll run straight to me I’m promising this...

I been underestimated
In my city I’m the greatest
I’m going hard til I make it
No need to be fake & no need to relate
I’m explaining myself to get this off my plate

I’m missing my son, I ain’t seen him in days
Like I’m in a battle with someone to save
My therapist tells me I can’t let is phase me
I’m going hard for all 3 of my babies

A 94 Baby a dream and a family
I ain’t Gon stop like I cop me a Grammy
Versace the top and my shoes red and Bali
I’d probably be rich if my ass was in Cali

For real

I know missing my kids has been fuelling me
I know that people around me been using me
Fuck all the fakes and the lames and the foolery
All of y’all bitches man none of this new to me

Tired of double crosses and the snakes
Bout to kick everybody out my face
On the reals I been trying so hard to just wait
But it’s killing me, missing you, daddy ain’t patient

Nah I ain’t patient
Missing you 321 days in a row
Can’t be patient no more
I been slamming my door
After the calls that they try to ignore

They hearing a lot so they hating
Starting these rumours I see on the daily
If you believe it you definitely crazy
This shit don’t add up I been here with my baby


Bet it’s unbearable you an amateur
Go thru every syllable
I’m a literal animal
Maybe I’ma cannibal eati a rapper like fruit gush
Boy you had a little bit of shine YOU a BIG DUB

I’m on a mission to teach all my children that u can anything nothing is written
And they gonna doubt u, they gonna beat you
They gon’ do anything, try to defeat you

But you Gon have confidence
That I will teach
Jump over the earth to help you succeed
Look I been praying to god like I’m down on my knees
Take care of my seed
He’s missing on me



Oh, y’all thought it was over huh?

Steady been losing my sleep
I feel like I’m weak
I can’t even count on no sheep
Have wrote bars in weeks
But now that I b
I promise I’m bringing the heat

I got these bitches out here trynna’ cancel me
Over these rumours I swear it’s insanity
Post on the gram and I swear they get mad at me
Give em my heart turn around and they laugh at me

Fuck em
Don’t need em fuck em
My life is a movie they stalk by the dozen
They big mad since I first hit a hundred
A million later look at me I’m buzzing

Probably made a couple decisions that I would take back
Lil white boy who can rap they hate that
Flow so hard trynna’ put my city on the map
Talk my shit since I first drop big mad

I ain’t Gon lie to you nah this is facts
I’m way ahead of em look at the gap
Head to toe in designer they shopping at gap
Just gimme a year I’ll b working with Dax

Bitch I’m incredible check on the stats
My daughter she ballin I promise u that
My son Gon be something I know it a fact
Imma put Ottawa up on the map

Bitch I got 3 like I’m family guy
Don’t need no camera guy
Permanent valentine
I got a hole in my heart is a bigger size
She take me on a ride
This love’ll never die

No she Gon never lie
My baby by my side
She got those DMs and laugh with me on the side
Fuck with my baby’s it’s easily homicide
Ain’t got no one in my life who ain’t ride or die

Clickity pow
That ain’t my style
I murder with bars like I’m running this sound
I’m shutting it down I been running this town
Aim for the top see my goal is the crown

Bitch I been homeless
Lost hope
Tied a rope
Round my throat
I got this feelings inside of my bones
I better stay quiet before I explode