Tell me I'm crazy
They say I'm emotional right?

They say I’m emotional
They say that I’m angry I know they do
They talk behind my back I know they do
I know they was fake so I let em loose

Cut the chain
Tie the noose
When this is over I'll be on the news
Hottest rapper in the capital who
Jay honest I’m just telling my truth

I get too angry when I’m in the booth
They talking that shit but can’t walk in my shoes
These rappers they capping they hotter than who
Boy u can be hot but I’m cold like the moon

I been thru pain they can't even imagine
I'm losing my life to this game and its tragic
My son and my brother don’t see em no more
Damn I look back like what the fuck happened

I had a kid with a thot
Got off the block
Went to college
She did not
Fighting for him and a spot
Homeless for months
But that bitch was hopping a lot

Still I was fighting for him
Cuz he my kid
With him I was wishing to live
But I’m just father right

So the system don’t care how it is

Middle finger to the system
These bitches that judge u couldn’t bare the feeling
These haters that’s talking they can’t tell the difference
Since I was young bitch I been on a mission

I’ve written the script and created a path
I’m living my life to the fullest at last
All of these rappers was hating I passed
Fuck it my city is cap

These rappers is wack
Rappers is fake
Buying they checks and buying they plays
Think I don’t notice U buying yo fame
No wonder I’m hated, Exposing the game

Tired of the lies and tired of the lames
Manifest happiness in my own lane
I got these demons that I’m trying to tame
N I’m Sick of the drama get out of my way

Really I’m a different breed
The one to be
The one to beat
No one defeats
Im undefeated

Got a bitch that pleases
On her knees
Her daddy mad
Don’t give a fuck
She suck my seed

N im a beast in sheets
Lets switch the meaning
Meaning ima lyricist not just a beat
& ima white boy
I hit the beat
No Justin Bieber
Same province
Different city


Know that I'm different they copy the greats
Know I'm unique when these rappers are fake
Talk bout my life in a way they can hate
But the ones who are woke understanding my pain

Think u can’t make it I’m saying u can
Started off broke I had nothing but plans
I had no family helping with bands
Now these people they listen from here to Japan