1. Roll You Up


Man I’m so sick
Roll it up I take a hit
Man I get lit
Trynnot to think of this bitch

Lately I miss you
Wake up in the morning I just wanna kiss you
Roll up a spliff too
Get u out my mind I don’t need no issues

Say u were my pinnacle
Divided we are We aim for the stars
Got lost in the way
The feeling would fade

But I think of u every time I get faded


Used to travel to the west end
Used to link up witcho best friends
Her closet designer it never ends
An angel I miss her miss heavensent


Let me open up
A little bit more
It’s time to settle the score

All these women got me bored
No 1 is enough for the sword
This life I live is sorta complicated
Understand if u ain’t tryna complicate it

But I’m missing u n me getting faded
Our conversation n our lil debates

Shawty really I ain’t tryna wait
U can reach even tho it’s late
Smoking on peach Mari j
Said I got exotics of every flav

Do I make u miss
What u never had
Wake up in n the morning n laugh
Turn the lights on
Breakfast in bed
True love from a gentleman

Baby you made me feel the best
Missing you laying on my chest
I need you laying in my bed
I need you to get up out my head

Butterflies in my tommy the second my eyes on u
Stuck like glue
I look like a fool
Met u at school
Girl u said that shit was cute

But later on I come to find out
Wasn’t the only one coming round
Not the only man atcho house
Slowly sneaking girl u do yo rounds

Party on party on she party’s from dusk til dawn
I wish we could get along
Instead I’m putting my feels in this song