1. Last Love


I been thinking bout myself I been thinking bout you
Thinking bout our past yeah I reminisce too

-Do you-

think about me like I think about you
when u alone at night what it do

Im asking if u care bout me do you
Or do u wanna move on tell me whats true

-I swear-

I ain’t never met a girl like you
Hips so smooth and her eyes so blue

Buttercream skin girl I wanna get in
i wish u had an identical twin
One to be with me and one to be away
so I can be witchu but miss you everyday

Girl I just wanna tell yoUUuu that I miss you
i see u in my bedrOOoomm wish you were too

~got me~

acting like a damn fOOOll ever since I met you

I smell you in my bedtOOoo can it

(Beat says can it go away)

So really whats the deal
Where we go from here
I was once superman with a heart of steel
N I was riding with you til you crashed my wheels
And left me for a club and a couple of pills

Say u aint got no chill
Stole from me and u broke my trust
I aint down for a game or a part time plus
But im a dog babygirl so I beat that ruff
Just remember this aint love thats lust


Really I just wanna dance witchu
Really I just wanna prance witchu
Really I just wanna fly witchu
I just wanna ride witchu
Sky dive for u even tho u know im afraid of heights boo

Aye u can be my guide tooo
Show you that im right for you
I can be the guy for you
No its no lie for you
No I never put you on the side no