Cashney - @Cashney254


Cashney Bin Laden or simply Cashney is a trap and hip-hop artist from Africa, Kenya based in the countries biggest city Nairobi. He was born Samuel Mathu in a town called Nakuru. He grew up listening to both East & West Coast rap from the likes of 50 Cent, Tupac & Snoop Dogg. As the dawn of Crunk music came, Cashney was mainly influenced by Soulja Boy, and he really wanted to rap to make a living &  get out of poverty. He started writing rhymes in Secondary school but didn't professionally  record until 2010. His first song was called ''MONEY''. Focusing on promoting Hip Hop based tours & going back to school doing his bachelor in communication at daystar university was his plan. He later dropped out of school and went back to studio and recorded a song ''22'', which represents the area code of were he lives. It was positively received and largely played in his home town. SHEDDY EMPIRE which was formed by him a month later, after meeting EAZZY DEE & STARBON, they recorded ''EL CHAPO'' in less then 1 hour and the second track which is there biggest  song to date ''SHIKA MANDOM''  & proceeded to make a video on YouTube and all streaming services which is responsible for their Discovery.  After signing to HONESTGANG... A promotional distribution company from Canada owned by fellow rapper Jay honest (@iamjayhonest), they’re plan is to show the industry Kenya’s talent! Currently he and his group have two songs on radio and TV... The first being “Shape Of You” the second being ''SHIKA MANDOM''. & working on a couple of songs to drop their debut album.

Eazzy Dee - @Eazzy_dee_


Eazzy Dee aka Branton Lanziva, born the 14th of January 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya. Growing up in a family of 6 was hard for Eazzy but losing his big brother (Denice) in 2012 at the age of 22 & his mother in 2014 from illnesses. (R.I.P Hildah Lanziva.) 

He grew up in Nairobi in a place called Kangemi. Attended Kangemi primary school for grades 1 through 7 but dropped out of school and ran away from home. ''I decided to be a street boy!'' On the street for at least 7 months was when he used to sing to to the public to earn some extra money. That's when he realized he could sing. After two or three years, he met up with some people that really changed his life. This was in 2014, a few months after the passing of his loving mother.

What first began as B.I.B (Formed by Eazzy, his cousin & Starbon), after meeting Cashney, became SHEDDY EMPIRE, once Eazzy's cousin went back to school. With songs like ''TUPA JICHO'' & ''Elcharpo'' , the addition of Cashney provided the perfect opportunity, SHEDDY EMPIRE was born! 

In 2018, after releasing the official music video for  ''SHIKA MANDOM'' we were discovered by HONESTGANG's CEO (Jay Honest) from Ottawa Canada ?? and signed our first distribution management contract & are now on all major platforms across the world.

''I'm a believer, not a patient guy. I go for what I want. I believe that Sheddy Empire is going to be the next big thing all over the world. I have dreams and big goals!''

Starbon - @BK_Starbon


Bonface Kutu Muek was born back in 1995 and raised in a Kenyan ghetto (23) Kangemi.

Interested in music since early an age (5) he started singing though murmuring other peoples songs on the radio & just having fun. At the age of 13 he could write his own songs, but had no way to record til the age of 20 when he started music it as a career. A very creative individual capable of writing in different genres to please any audience! 

Currently into Trap,Hip-Hop, Reggae tunes and Kenyan local music - Kapuka(Boomrock)