Millinnial X


Lyricist and Producer Seth Reid, also known as, “Millinnial X”, has the intentions to help the World, but his path did not start out this way. Millinnial X was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the 5th of November 1996, but moved at the age of 7, and spent most of his upbringing in his Father’s hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama. Here, he had many musical influences from Old School Soul, to many Southern, East Coast, and West Coast rap artists. He soon discovered his love for music of all genres, and by age of 9, he found his gift of writing and composed his first song. Between him and most of his people, music was something they did on a regular basis, whether it was freestyling while walking around, or trying to find studio time. At age 13, he had recorded his first song, but due to his family’s financial situation, he acquired other forms of income and began producing. With having a younger brother and sister he had to help take care of, he began looking at music as an escape. By the 8th grade he was finally expelled from school, thus the beginning of his devotion to music. He began listening to many different artists and devoted his time to self-education. Subjects like Astrology, Biology, Anatomy, and more importantly the history of his family and ancestors. During this time, he found wisdom in artists who in his eye, were trying to give back and better the World with their music. It wasn’t long after this, he began to find his purpose, and realized with the combination of his talent and determination he could educate and motivate his people to better themselves and the people around them. Since then, he has had 2 sons, and believes that his message is more important now than ever. With his eyes set on inspiring, and influencing others to be great, MillinnialX is on a mission for the people, and not for self-gratitude, but because it needs done.