“A whole new artist with a whole different sound”. Twenty-year-old lyricist Raquel Reid, also known as 
“Kvyybez”, is “On a mission to success”, starting here in 2020 until forever, but her talent and passion 
for music did not start here. Raquel discovered her love for music early on in her childhood as may any 
other child, but her passion for writing her own music followed shortly after. It didn’t take her long to 
spot her talent and identify her uniqueness when it came down to the art of writing entirely. 

Raquel was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but spent majority of her childhood in Jacksonville, 
Alabama. There, she acquired many influences, from old school Motown, to many Dirty South Rap 
legends such as UGK and Big Krit as well as influences from the East and West Coast like Tupac Shakur 
and Biggie Smalls. She wrote her first song when she was roughly 9 years old after being influenced by 
her older brother and the combination of music that was around her. After she felt the flow of rhyming, 
she began to write poetry instead. At the time, it felt more suitable to express how she felt, especially 

when she didn’t have a beat. 

She moved back to Oklahoma City before her Freshman year of high school, and to the age of about 14, 
she would write off and on. By the age of 15, and throughout her Freshman year, she started to write 
music again, but this time the feeling behind what she wrote was different. She played basketball all 
four years of high school and didn’t think much about music, because that’s where her focus was. Even 
though she had started off as a golden student, by her Sophomore year she only cared because she had 
to. During this time is when her mindset was stuck on music, but she thought it was just a phase. She 
surely didn’t speak on it to anyone because she thought they would call her crazy, and at the time she 

still didn’t have a microphone, or money to record. 

Not wanting to be compared to the average nowadays “Soundcloud rapper”, 
she never took the thought of pushing herself and her art seriously, until after she graduated. 
Work was decent, but she couldn’t do that enough once she started taking college courses, so she 
dropped out shortly after starting. She only had dreams of being a big artist when she was younger, but 
never realized that the World hearing her music, would eventually be what she believes to be her true 
purpose in life. Knowing that she has what it takes to make it happen was, and still is a gift of its own. 
The Christmas after her graduation her brother got her a microphone as a gift, and it changed 
everything. Ever since then, everything seemed to be happening for a reason. 

She understands that everything she has endured growing up has made her out to be who she is, and it 
has opened her eyes to the things that she needed to see in order to be ready for what her future has in 
store for her. She is also ready for whatever it holds that will continue to change her, so that she can 
continue to grow as a person and help those around her. Kvyybez ultimate goal is to help change the 
World, by being a positive impact on people through her music. It is understood that she must reach her 
heights in order to help others. “That will pay off in time with hard work, determination, and 
consistency,”. With the biggest hopes that her positivity can also influence those who need more 
willpower to do the same, she is well prepared to succeed!

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